Vlad Dumitriu


Technique: Bronze; Mixed Patina(Black and green)
Dimensions:9x20x8 cm
Divine Moon
Technique: Bronze
Dimensions:22x35x1 cm
The Eye
Technique: Bronze
Dimensions:48x55x8 cm
Divine Eye
Technique: Bronze and Welded Iron
Dimensions:140x130x67 cm
Medusa's Eye
Technique: Bronze; Green Patina
Dimensions:25x54x40 cm
The eye - The Gate of Soul
Technique: Bronze; Green antique patina
Dimensions:112x56x26 cm
Technique: Bronze; Antique Patina
Dimensions:47x92x18 cm
This sculpture has received a prize at the National Art Exhibition, Bucharest 2006.
Also selected to be exhibited at the "Salone D'autonne" Paris 2007
Technique: Stone
Dimensions:52x45x12 cm
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