Alfred Dumitriu


Technique: Bronze, Green patina
Dimensions:204x40x24 cm
Technique: Fier(iron) traforat prin sudura(welded) autogen and bronze
Morning I, 209x40x24 cm
Morning II, 246x18x18 cm
Morning III, 114x13x9 cm
Morning IV, 180x17x13 cm
Morning V, 151x13x13 cm
Morning VI, 265x23x23 cm
Morning VII, 209x18x13 cm
Technique: Bronze; Mixed Patina (Green and Violet);
Dimensions:134x96x43 cm
This sculpture received the Great Prize for sculpture at the Fire Arts Bienale Bucharest 2002; Also selected to be exhibited at the "Salone D'autonne" Paris 2007
Evening Star I
Technique: Bronze; Antique patina
Dimensions:154x80x80 cm
Transcendent I
Technique: Nut Wood
Evening Star II
Technique: Bronze; Antique patina
Dimensions:100x67x33 cm
Offspring I
Technique: Bronze
Dimensions:63x50x37 cm
Offspring II
Technique: Bronze
Dimensions:61x40x23 cm
Offspring III
Technique: Bronze
Dimensions:90x40x24 cm
Technique: Bronze
Dimensions:99x99 cm
Transcendent II
Technique: Bronze; Antique Patina
Dimensions:121x59x57 cm
Technique: Bronze
Dimensions:289x54x51 cm
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